Acquisition & Development

We Translate Land & Properties Into Success Stories

McKnight Engler continues to grow its owned portfolio through strategic acquisitions and ground-up development projects. Our team actively searches for opportunities that align with the investment objectives of both McKnight Engler and our prospective partners. 

With significant experience repurposing vacant, distressed facilities or raw land, we create spaces that are modern and built for the future. Our hands-on approach to the successful delivery of turnkey development solutions brings unparalleled accountability to our clients in every aspect of the real estate development process. 

Turnkey Solutions Built for the Future

Success, as they say, can come in many forms. At McKnight Engler, the value we create for clients comes from our commitment to revitalization and our emphasis on forward-thinking planning.

Whether we start from a distressed property or vacant land, at every step of the way—from concept to construction—we institute best practices in design, materials selection, and construction techniques to make sure our properties deliver value now and well into the future.

When you partner with McKnight Engler, you’re ready on day one and ready to take advantage of whatever opportunities the future brings.

Featured Benefits of our Acquisition and Development Program

Here are a few of the ways we create value for our clients:

  • Strategic Acquisitions
  • Custom Development
  • Investment Opportunity Identification & Assessment
  • Built for the Future
  • Turnkey Experiences
  • Hands On Care
  • Full Accountability & Reporting

Discover The Difference

Our team offers years of experience maximizing the potential of our partners and projects.  By offering all services under one roof, The McKnight Engler team is able to complete deals and projects fast.